Company Description Country
SecZetta SecZetta helps hundreds of global organizations effectively design and implement holistic identity and access management programs and has built the only software platform to … United States
Segment Srl *Part of Interlogica Industries Segment is an Italian company involved in IT security and ethical hacking. We offer a wide range of services and solutions to those companies who need to protect their data, … Italy
Segusoft GmbH Segusoft GmbH is the manufacturer of the standard software SEGULINK, and end-toend encryption platform for secure data exchange. SEGULINK reliably protects your confidential … Germany
Sencode Sencode is an agile and pioneering North East based UK SME with a new innovative approach to tackling modern cyber security issues, established through the development and … United Kingdom
SendSafely, LLC. SendSafely is an encrypted file exchange and secure email platform. SendSafely lets you exchange sensitive files and information with others using end-toend encryption, … United States
Senetas Corporation Limited Senetas Corporation Limited (Senetas) is a leading developer and manufacturer of certified high-assurance encryption hardware, dedicated to protecting network transmitted … Australia
Sennovate Inc. Sennovate specializes in Identity and Access Management services. We strive to be your trusted security advisor, lead the way in Artificial Intelligence for Identity and … United States
Sensato Sensato is specifically focused on providing leading-edge realistic cybersecurity solutions for the healthcare industry. United States
Senseon The Senseon platform is a unique and innovative AI-led approach to cyber threat detection. Senseon offers security teams unparalleled visibility across their organisations, … United Kingdom
SentinelOne SentinelOne unifies endpoint threat prevention, detection and response in a single platform driven by sophisticated machine learning and intelligent automation. With … United States
SentryBay SentryBay is a leader in internet data security software - its proactive solutions offer unparalleled security in real-time preventing identity theft and theft of corporate … United Kingdom
Sentryo Sentryo helps them to maintain the availability, resilience and safety of their industrial systems by providing detailed visibility on their industrial network, preventing … France
SEPPmail AG SEPPmail is a manufacturer in “Secure Messaging”. Their patented, prize-winning technology for spontaneous, secure email traffic encrypts electronic messages and can add … Switzerland
Sera-Brynn Leading clients to digital peace of mind through compliance, insurance and incident response. Additionally Sera-Brynn offers services such as Penetration Testing, Incident … United States
ServiceNow, Inc. ServiceNow is a provider of service management software that automates and manages enterprise service relationships. United States
SEWORKS, Inc. SEWORKS is a team of seasoned white hat hackers and security experts. The company provides AppSolid, a SaaS-based mobile app security solution. SEWORKS‘ mission is to … United States
Shape Security Shape Security defends Global 2000 corporations from increasingly sophisticated automated cyber-attacks, including large-scale account takeover, credential stuffing, content … United States
Shevirah, Inc. Shevirah supplies the tools to expand corporate testing and monitoring to mobility. Whether your company has a bringyour-own-device (BYOD) or other program, Shevirah’s … United States
ShieldSquare ShieldSquare offers invisible and comprehensive website protection from the various threats of bot scraping. India
Shift Technology Shift Technology provides insurance companies with an innovative SaaS solution to improve and scale fraud detection. The analyses performed by Shift are fast and thorough, … France
Siber Systems, Inc. Siber Systems was originally founded to turn scientific findings in the area of text parsing, compilation and transformation into useful commercial technologies. United States
Siege Technologies *Acquired by Nehemiah Security Siege Technologies is a pioneer of multi-purpose cybersecurity products and services that enable customers to leverage both offensive and defensive technologies. By thinking … United States
Siemplify Siemplify delivers a breakthrough threat analysis platform that empowers security analysts to identify and resolve attacks with unprecedented speed. The Siemplify Threat … United States
Sift Science Sift Science has built the world’s most advanced fraud detection system. Using large-scale machine learning technology to predict fraudulent behavior with unparalleled … United States
Signal Sciences Signal Sciences is transforming the way web application security works. Our mission is to help security and development teams see clearly and make smart decisions. United States
SignalSense SignalSense‘s goal is to multiply the mind of a security professional by using compute capacity that’s driven by artificial intelligence systems. United States
Signifyd Signifyd is a Software as a Service platform that helps online businesses to detect fraud and prevent credit card chargebacks. United States
SIKUR Sikur provides a proprietary smartphone based on hardened Android called GranitePhone, and secure environments for off-the-shelf Android and iOS platforms that provide … Brazil
Silent Breach Silent Breach is a next-gen cybersecurity firm specializing in network security and digital asset protection. United States
Silent Circle Silent Circle is a leader in enterprise privacy, delivered through a revolutionary mobile platform of devices, software and services, starting with ZRTP to build a … Switzerland
Silobreaker Ltd. Silobreaker products help security and intelligence professionals make sense of the overwhelming amount of data on the web. By providing powerful tools and visualisations … United Kingdom
Silverskin Information Security Our mission is to help our customers to improve their cyber resilience. Cyber resilience is an organizational capability to resist and recover from adverse cyberinfluence … Finland
Simeio Solutions Simeio offers professional services, Identity and Access Management (IAM) managed services, and Identity as a Service (IDaaS). United States
Singular Security Singular helps you design, deploy, and maintain the security solution you need at a fraction of the cost it would take to implement a comparable solution on your own. United States
SiteLock SiteLock delivers a patent-pending 360-degree website security solution that finds, fixes and helps prevent malware and other threats from affecting websites and their … United States
Skybox Security, Inc. Skybox gives security leaders the cybersecurity management solutions they need to eliminate attack vectors and safeguard business data and services every day. With … United States
Skycure Skycure protects businesses from mobile cyberattacks by delivering a layered solution that protects mobile devices in real time from network attacks, malware, device … Israel
Skyhigh Networks, Inc. Skyhigh Networks, the world’s leading Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), enables enterprises to safely adopt cloud services, while meeting their security, compliance and … United States
Skyport Systems Skyport Systems was founded in 2013 to build hyperconverged infrastructure that is secure by default. Our solution is an iteration of hyper-secured infrastructure that … United States
SlashNext, Inc. SlashNext, Inc. is a cutting edge enterprise cybersecurity company focused on developing new methods to identify and thwart the current generation of cyber-attacks. United States