Company Description Country
AXS GUARD AXS GUARD is a ‘full-stack’ UTM Vendor based in Belgium. Belgium
SealPath SealPath allows professionals and companies to protect their critical documents wherever they are: on a PC, the corporate network, a partner‘s network, or in the cloud, etc.… Belgium
Kryptus Kryptus develops, integrates and deploys a wide array of solutions for hardware, firmware and software, ranging from semiconductors to complex digital certificate management … Brazil
Modulo Modulo is the leading global provider of GRC and Smart Government solutions. Over 1,000 customers globally leverage Modulo to monitor IT risk through automated workflow; … Brazil
N-Stalker N-Stalker is a leader on Web Application Security Assessment technology. It currently develops and maintains N-Stalker Web Application Security Scanner suite, a software … Brazil
Proteus Proteus, an Information Security consulting firm specialized in Risk Analysis and Executive Control, was founded in 1999 through a project developed within the Federal … Brazil
SIKUR Sikur provides a proprietary smartphone based on hardened Android called GranitePhone, and secure environments for off-the-shelf Android and iOS platforms that provide … Brazil
AntiDos Our state-of-the-art multi-layer approach offers fool-proof DDoS protection for attacks across all scales and is able to automatically detect and mitigate attacks that target … Canada
APrivacy Pte. Ltd. *Formerly I Think Security APrivacy provides the banking industry with an information security and tracking service anywhere, anytime and on any device. APrivacy’s enabling technology allows banks to … Canada
Asigra Inc. Asigra provides organizations around the world the ability to recover their data now from anywhere through a global network of partners who deliver cloud backup and recovery … Canada
Bastionhost Ltd. Bastionhost owns and operates ultra-efficient, militaryspec Tier II - Tier IV data center colocation facilities, ensuring 100% uptime to enterprises, service providers, and … Canada
BlackBerry Ltd. A global leader in mobile communications, BlackBerry® revolutionized the mobile industry when it was introduced in 1999. Today, BlackBerry aims to inspire the success of our … Canada
BlueCat Networks BlueCat delivers software-based DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI) solutions enabling our customers to build and manage their most complex network infrastructure to … Canada
Bluink Ltd. Bluink Ltd. is an award-winning identity and access management company that specializes in phone as a token solutions for consumers and enterprises. Canada
CloudMask Inc. CloudMask addresses three facts faced by the digital enterprise: breaches, the risks of cloud and mobile technologies, and insider threats. With CloudMask, only your … Canada
CyberHunter Cyber Security is the Foundation for Digital Business. Accelerate your security. We offer Pen Testing, Vulnerability Assessments, Network Security Audits and Threat Hunting … Canada
Cycura Established in 2013, Cycura is a global firm employing a leading, industry recognized team of security experts. Our expert researchers have worked in varying top-tier sectors … Canada
D3 Security Management Systems, Inc. D3 develops and supports the most advanced incident response and case management software. As a leading provider of incident management software to over 100 of the F500 … Canada
Defence Intelligence Defence Intelligence provides enterprise security executives advanced malware protection tools and services to protect their data and their reputation. Canada
DOSarrest Internet Security Ltd DOSarrest specializes in providing fully managed DDoS protection services to protect any website in any location. DOSarrest is the result of ten years of research, … Canada
Echoworx Echoworx is a recognized leader in secure digital communication. Our flagship solution, OneWorld Enterprise Encryption, makes secure messaging easy and cost effective – … Canada
eSentire, Inc. eSentire is the largest pure-play Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service provider, keeping organizations safe from constantly evolving cyber-attacks that technology … Canada
Genetec Inc. Genetec is a global provider of IP video surveillance, access control and license plate recognition solutions unified in a single platform, called Security Center. Canada
Good Technology *By Blackberry Good Technology is the leader in secure mobility, delivering solutions across all stages of the mobility lifecycle for enterprises and governments worldwide. Canada
Herjavec Group Herjavec Group delivers managed security services globally supported by a state-ofthe-art, PCI compliant Security Operations Center (SOC), operated 24/7/365 by certified … Canada
Hitachi ID Systems Hitachi ID Systems offers comprehensive identity management and access governance, privileged access management and password management solutions. They are designed to … Canada
Hypersecu Information Systems, Inc. Hypersecu Information Systems, Inc. is a rapidly expanding solution provider dedicated to multi-factor authentication and public key infrastructure, as well as software … Canada
IntelliGo Networks IntelliGO is a comprehensive mobile device enablement platform designed to securely authenticate and configure any device for corporate network access. It provides control … Canada
Interset *Formerly FileTrek Interset is a securityanalytics company. Our software is built to swiftly surface IP threats, originating from inside or outside the enterprise, even as they evolve. We are … Canada
Lavasoft Founded in 1999, Lavasoft is the original anti-malware company, creating award-winning, free security and privacy software since 1999. Lavasoft‘s flagship product Ad-Aware … Canada
LoginTC *By Cyphercor Inc. Cyphercor is a leading smartphone and desktop-based two-factor authentication (2FA) provider. Cyphercor‘s flagship product, LoginTC, is a mobile app that can contain … Canada
Magnet Forensics Inc. Magnet Forensics is a global leader in the development of digital forensics software that acquires, analyzes and shares evidence from computers, smartphones and tablets. Canada
Messageware Founded in 1993, Messageware has been a trusted Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a Global Exchange ISV for over 15 years. Our Outlook Web Access enhancements and security … Canada
MXtools MXTools is a global leader in providing IP and Domain Reputation Data along with antiabuse solutions to network operators across a wide range of markets in order to assist … Canada
N-Dimension To address the growing risks from cyber threats and help utilities improve their security posture, N-Dimension Solutions offers N-Sentinel. N-Sentinel is a managed security … Canada
NuData Security Inc. NuData Security predicts fraudulent transactions by identifying good users from bad, based on their online behavior. Canada
Phirelight Security Solutions Inc. Phirelight serves a client base of large enterprises, government, and SME organizations in Canada, the United States, and Europe. Along with the rapidPHIRE ecosystem of … Canada
Privacy Analytics Inc. Privacy Analytics allows healthcare organizations to quickly and easily apply a responsible de-identification methodology that ensures individual privacy and legal compliance.… Canada
At SecBusters we provide Cyber Security, Digital Forensic and Incident Response services and assisting companies by responding to their …
SecureKey Technologies Inc. SecureKey is a leading identity and authentication provider that simplifies consumer access to online services and applications. SecureKey’s next generation privacy-… Canada