Cloud Service Providers
Company Description Country
Audit Square *A DCIT Company Audit Square is a tool for security auditors, specialists, IT administrators and IT auditors. In our tool we have incorporated more 15 years of our experience with Microsoft …
Avast Software Avast is one of the pioneers in the computer security business, with a portfolio that includes free antivirus for PC, Mac and Android, to premium suites and services for both …
Flowmon Networks Flowmon Networks empowers businesses to manage and secure their computer networks confidently. Through our high performance network monitoring technology based on NetFlow/ …
Hacker Target Pty. Ltd. Simplify the security assessment process with hosted vulnerability scanning tools.
Safetica Technologies s.r.o. Safetica protects your company from expensive data leaks caused by human mistakes and malicious actions. We develop Data Loss Prevention (DLP), monitoring and encryption …
Tapestry Technologies The basic foundation of Tapestry Technologies is built on our cyber defense capabilities. Tapestry personnel have provided support to key cyber programs that have evolved how …
ThreatMark ThreatMark offers a lightweight, easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy and at the same time effective fraud detection platform, which can support the biggest players in the Industry as …
VU LLC VU is a specialist in software development Cybersecurity, focusing on the prevention of fraud and identity theft company. These solutions are aimed at corporate level, end … Argentina
AKIPS Pty Ltd. AKIPS was founded in April 2014 with the goal of delivering the most scalable and fully featured network monitoring system. Australia
CipherPoint Software Provider of transparent data encryption solutions for SharePoint. CipherPoint‘s products secure sensitive data from the insider threat, external attackers, and privileged … Australia
ContentKeeper Technologies ContentKeeper provides proven Web security solutions to secure today’s Web 2.0 and mobile centric business environments. Australia
Cryptsoft Pty Ltd. Cryptsoft is an Australian security firm providing specialist products and services for software and hardware developers in the areas of security system design, deployment, … Australia
DroneShield Limited Based in Sydney and Virginia, DroneShield is a worldwide leader in drone detection technology. The Company has developed the pre-eminent drone detection solution that … Australia
Nuix Pty Ltd. Leading organizations around the world turn to Nuix when they need fast, accurate answers for investigation, cybersecurity incident response, insider threats, litigation, … Australia
QuintessenceLabs QuintessenceLabs’ suite of Data Security technology, products and solutions protect digital information in-transit, atrest or in-use. We harness unique quantum science … Australia
SecuTech Solutions PTY LTD. SecuTech‘s solutions enables our customers to adapt to escalating internal and external threats to their sensitive data, and rapidly evolve to address new business … Australia
Senetas Corporation Limited Senetas Corporation Limited (Senetas) is a leading developer and manufacturer of certified high-assurance encryption hardware, dedicated to protecting network transmitted … Australia
TokenOne TokenOne is a cyber security software company that provides high security business solutions to both enterprise and mass-market consumers built on our patented identity … Australia
cyan Security Group GmbH cyan Security Group GmbH – headquartered in Vienna with its Holding Company located in Munich - is a security enabler serving over 300 (B2B) companies worldwide. It holds a … Austria
IKARUS Security Solutions IKARUS focuses on antivirus and content-security solutions. Since its establishment in 1986, IKARUS has successfully developed security solutions and was one of world’s … Austria
iQSol GmbH We have set ourselves the goal to be always one step ahead of our greatest adversaries. And these are not our competitors. We are close to the market and our team develops … Austria
Nimbusec GmbH nimbusec revolutioniert Früherkennung gehackter Webseiten. Die Nimbusec GmbH bietet eine High-Tech SaaS Dienstleistung zum Monitoring von Webapplikationen. Dieses kann … Austria
Tabidus Technology Tabidus Technology is a cybersecurity association that unites and provides the global protection options against cyber threats. To this end, the association develops … Austria
Tenfold *by certex Information Technology GmbH Based in Vienna, certex Information Technology GmbH is focussed on exploring better and easier ways for companies to deal with the growing demands of permissions management. … Austria
WOTAN MONITORING GH-Informatik GmbH WOTAN MONITORING provides software solutions for automated monitoring of IT infrastructure and systems, workflows and processes, web services and applications. Austria